Your Crop is:

(If your crop is blank, make sure to follow the steps below. Otherwise, you don't have to do anything)

Your New Tokens Are:

Your New Dividends Are:

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Step 1  | Leave behind the old.
Turn your old P3C into ETC.

Step 2  | Plant for the future.
Buy new P3C and put it into a fresh crop (Get a 3% upgrade bonus!).


Step 3  | Consolidate your Holdings.
Have any P3C right now that isn't being auto-invested?

Any questions?

Instructions: Please use Saturn Wallet to interact (disable Metamask while using).

1. You buy into the contract by purchasing P3C, every token purchased increases the P3C price by +0.00000001 ETC.
2. 10% of what you spend to buy the P3C gets distributed to all other P3C holders.
3. When you sell your P3C, you get back ETC, and the global price goes down by -0.00000001 ETC.
4. 10% of what you would get back is distributed to P3C holders proportionally.

Secured by Ethereum Classic: the smart contract cannot be changed or controlled. Learn more on our Wiki!

Transfer your P3C to another account.

Type in a valid address and token amount..