P3C: Planetary Prosperity Project

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Social Security for the gig economy. Always open.


Designed like insurance - every entry or exit in the contract delivers 10% proportionally to all other members. Members earn dividends they can withdraw or reinvest at anytime. The contract can always be audited for accuracy.


Read through the four unchangeable core rules that are the foundation for the system. These economic rules emphasize long-term holding over short term profit seeking. There are no centralized administrators.


The entire system is self-governed on the decentralized Ethereum Classic blockchain. This contract has been audited and cannot be modified, removed, or tampered with. Think insurance, with the strength of Bitcoin.

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How to Participate

1. Get Saturn (Desktop) or Trust (Phone)

Make sure you keep your seedwords safe! Saturn wallet and Metamask cannot run at the same time. See here for help

2. Acquire Ethereum Classic (ETC)

Once you have your Ethereum Classic Wallet installed, you need Ethereum Classic (ETC). Reload this page. We recommend exchanging your coins on Changelly, or using an exchange like Binance.


3. Navigate to the Dashboard

You can manage your holdings and purchase P3C via the dashboard.

How long has the economy been running?

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the core rules of P3C?

1. You buy into the contract by purchasing P3C, every token purchased increases the P3C price by +0.00000001 ETC.
2. 10% of what you spend to buy the P3C gets distributed proportionally to all other P3C holders.
3. When you sell your P3C, you get back ETC at the specified price, and the global price per P3C goes down by -0.00000001 ETC.
4. 10% of what you would get back for the sale is distributed to all other P3C holders proportionally.
Remember, the contract holds enough ETC to pay everyone, but the price you'll get is always changing. Growth

Q: What is the plan for P3C to succeed?

A: P3C is a tool for people that want the freedom to save for retirement, but also want to be able to pull money in and out of their savings without restriction on age or nationality. As more and more people around the world stop working regular full-time jobs, the need for P3C will expand. These are the users P3C wants to serve.

  • Have an idea for a small online store? Give a little P3C back to users to encourage them to come back. Think loyalty points that pay dividends.
  • Want to hire a friend to help you with something? Give them some P3C. They can choose to sell some of it, or all of it immediately.

  • Even if they choose to sell the P3C immediately, you know that 10% of that money is going back to the rest of the community. If enough people build businesses on top of P3C, more people will want to hold it so even if the business you originally supported fails, the network can still grow.

    Q: What is Ethereum Classic, and why is P3C on it?

    A: Ethereum Classic is a system that allows you to run contracts, like P3C, in a trustless way. This means that the contract and any funds inside of it is protected by computers all throughout the world. Ethereum Classic system also stands for the idea that code is law, which means that however the program runs, even if the results are unexpected, is valid. To use Ethereum Classic, you need ETC which is the native currency. There can only be 210 million ETC. You can purchase ETC on exchanges like Coinbase or Binance.

    Q: Can I access P3C from a mobile phone?

    A: Yes! You can install Trust Wallet on iOS or on Android and enter your same seed words from Saturn to have full access to your Saturn account! We are listed as official token in the Trust wallet marketplace, with full compatability. You can send, receive, and buy P3C with ease.

    Q: Can I make my own version of P3C?

    A: Yes, in fact we encourage it! You can go to the source code and simply follow the README to build your own version in minutes. With your own version, you collect a contract bonus of all transactions going through the website.

    Q: What exactly is reinvesting?

    A: Re-investing means that you are choosing to take all your ETC earnings (dividends) and exchange them for additional P3C tokens. During re-investment, the 10% community fee is incurred as with all transactions. In this way, reinvesting your tokens increases your holdings, thereby increasing future earnings. Think "compound interest". By default you have auto-compounding turned on.